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Spice Me Up!

March 13, 2012

Two days in country and not much to report. My schedule is packed, so I’ve come home from teaching and slept most of the days. It doesn’t help that it is cold here, and I HATE cold!

I went out last night and bought some spicy potatoes and niú ròu là mein (beef and spicy noodles). They were just as delicious as I remember. And they warmed me up.

I came across the old lady vendor who always seemed to get me to buy something, and she did it again. She always welcomes me with a smile and chats away at me like I understand her. I now have ten pair of socks I didn’t even know I needed (only 20 rmb—about $3.25) but once I got back to the room I did realize I brought all knee high work socks and only one pair of lay around the apartment socks, so she actually did know what I needed before I did. Hmmmmm…..what will she talk me into next time J

glad you have arrived safely


2012-03-18 10:28 pm (UTC)

I'm glad that you have arrived safely and that you have socks!

My Italy children have returned to the U.S. to stay after 3 years in Italy. When they landed, my daughter-in-law texted, "All 3.667 of us have arrived safely." The third is their cat Alexis and 0.667 is the grandchild.

The movers will be in Edenton this Friday to deliver their furniture and all the rest of what has been in storage for 3 years.

My other daughter-in-law came Saturday to visit with a friend whose baby is 2 weeks. She spent the night with us and after breakfast and some talk returned to Greensboro.

I am very blessed with family and friends. :-)

Re: glad you have arrived safely


2012-03-21 01:31 pm (UTC)

So glad to hear all 3.667 made it safely back! I'm so happy you are going to be a grandma...I forsee much spoiling :-)

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